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SpaceOneEleven exists to cultivate opportunity and collaboration for artists to thrive in our community.

Who is an artist? A person who creates using conscious skill and imagination.

Why join this community of artists?


To provide opportunities for local artists to SHINE!

Your investment allows Space OneEleven to provide a place for artists and performers to realize what they are made of!


To broaden your horizons!

Being a part of a greater collective allows you to meet people you may never have gotten the chance to. You never know what influences you will find that take your art to the NEXT LEVEL!


To find the support you need to grow in a safe space!

This artist community wants to see you succeed! By becoming a Space Cadet you can network with people who are rooting for you!


To be among like-minded people!

You will be surrounding yourself with people who just get it!


To make Helena a space for artists to thrive!

Space OneEleven is a safe place that will allow you to try new things and get support and feedback from people who want to see you make it.


To be a part of something beautiful!

Who doesn't want to be a part of a community that exists to build others up? Creating and performing is hard enough without a group of people that can advocate for YOU!

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Robb Walters

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